Get Your Business Media Ready with Christine Haas – SBE Boot Camp Special

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Founder at Christine Haas Media, LLC

In this special Small Business Edge boot camp episode, Brian talks with Christine Haas, an award-winning TV news anchor and investigative reporter on what it takes for business owners to showcase their expertise on TV, Radio, Online, and in Print. Christine gives valuable tips and suggestions to listeners on what editors and reporters are looking for in their sources and how you can be on speed dial when it comes to your area of expertise.

Christine’s Tips on How to Capture the Media’s Attention:

  • Business owners, attorneys, doctors, and other business professionals who are trying to build their brand, their expertise, and establish their niche are all good examples of people who should be getting more media attention.
  • Zoom and COVID have changed the media landscape. Before COVID, getting real exposure meant doing a media tour in 10-12 cities and traveling to all the locations. Now I can get a client on TV three or four times in one week in different cities all from their home office on Zoom.
  • One of the biggest obstacles to getting media attention for business owners is the fear that everything needs to be perfect! It holds them captive, and they don’t take the next step. They need to get past that, especially today, in our imperfect world.
  • What is it that you do and what do you want to be known for? These are two cornerstones to your brand. Know your response intimately and be able to convey it to the media.
  • Once you get an interview with a reporter or a media outlet, and you establish a good relationship, they will come back to you with random stuff all the time, because they remembered you as the expert who made my job easy and was very relevant.
  • If a journalist calls or emails you, make returning their message a priority. They are probably on deadline and need a quick reply. If you put them on the back burner, they will find another source.


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