How Tech Helped Business Owners Navigate 2020

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Vice President, Field Engagement and Marketing - NetSuite

In this episode, Brian and Ranga Bodla, VP Field Engagement and Marketing at Oracle NetSuite, discuss how technology enabled business owners to stay connected to their customers and allowed employees to work remotely during the pandemic months of 2020. They also look into the future to see the role tech will play in how business owners navigate 2021.

Insights from Ranga Bodla:

  • Evan Goldberg founded NetSuite with a simple mission. How can we empower businesses of all sizes to realize their vision and dreams?
  • During 2020, NetSuite’s technology enabled companies to operate remotely; it also enabled companies to stay connected to their customers.
  • Companies are accelerating their use of analytics and innovation to make better decisions and investments when it comes to pivoting their businesses. Smart companies are looking at best practices in other companies during COVID, asking questions about the impact of decisions and investments, and focusing on what worked, and what didn’t work. 
  • I love the term trusted advisor. This year we realized the importance of having trusted advisors in business; people who see and hear things that you might miss when trying to make decisions that could have a big impact on the company. NetSuite strives to be a trusted advisor to our customers,


Ranga Bodla and NetSuite

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